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Current Travel Advisory


This information is current as of Wednesday March 29, 2006
10:08 AM (Pacific Standard Time).

Don't Travel

Let's face it, traveling today is simply stupid. Remember the movie The Wizard of Oz? Remember when Dorothy left Kansas? The next minute she found herself in a strange land filled with munchkins, evil witches, and flying monkeys that were trying to steal her shoes. This could happen to you!

With expensive airlines, strange foreign languages, funny money, and primitive cultures and religions, traveling is a big step in the wrong direction. When the founders of Don't Go realized more people were leaving their comfortable, isolated worlds, they realized it was time to take a stand and stop the madness.

Don't Go's mission is simple (kind of like us), "Don't travel." It's a jungle out there! Stop gallivanting off to strange countries in search of truth. We want you to stay at home, enjoy the surroundings you know, buy that SUV, and not question anything around you. Traveling is wrong. It's like a drug, and if you travel, you should probably be arrested.

Don't Go is also fueled by your submissions. We want to know why you think stretching your comfort zone is a recipe for disaster. We are currently accepting photographs, famous quotes, and short story submissions for the site. If you'd like to contribute to Don't Go, please review our submission guidelines.

Recently an upstart website, Why Go is trying to inspire travelers to see the world. Check out their link, and decide for yourself.

But REMEMBER! The world is a dangerous place.

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